Custom Jackets - Design Your Own

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Custom Jackets - Design Your Own






Custom Jackets - Design Your Own

Looking to design your own custom jackets online? We carry 3 exciting types of ActivTek jackets that will make you and your sports team a little more fashionable when the cold weather hits. You can add your own personal style to any of our jackets. Customisation options are extremely varied, with the ability to choose colours for pockets and arms and much more.

Add your own logo, images, or text, pretty much whatever strikes you as being appropriate for your perfect winter jacket. Our online kit builder makes the whole process easy. We've got SoftShell fleece jackets as well as lightweight and heavyweight jackets to choose from, all of them as reliable as the ONTHEGO name that crafts them. With multiple layers of strength, robex side panels, and print options for each jacket, you can create your ideal custom jacket for the winter. These jackets are designed not just to look great, but they're going to keep you very warm all during the colder months. Our lightweight fleece jackets are 100% Polyester with options for a hood available on some designs.

We have it all, from polos, jackets, tees and shorts to pants, accessories, and more. Once you've chosen your custom clothing it's time for the design.

We invite you to try out our impressive custom jackets kit builder for yourself. You'll have a 360 degree preview of each stage of your design so that you can tweak and refine it as you see it come to life in front of your eyes.