The one4one™ Initiative

For every product sold, ONTHEGO enables access to sport to 1 child for 12 months from a less fortunate area of Australia and the Pacific Islands. one4one™ 

It is our obligation to give back, and use our business as a vehicle for change, to enable, stimulate and inspire those in need, to get more active and healthy. 

Please use the #one4one handle whenever you are getting yourself, or seeing others into sport and healthy activities, help us change the world, one movement after another.

We’ve identified that it’s not about the idea of making a difference, yet the ability to execute on the idea, and measure the success, with constant review and adaptation.

We also believe that we cannot do it ourselves, and that we need to ensure we have the best possible parties assisting us, such we can achieve the highest charitable effectiveness, who share the same values, same vision, and willingness to ensure vigour into our programs and support.

We now partner with the following humanitarian organisations to assist in the “give back” to those who need it most. 


Australian Projects

Fair Game | Recycling Sports Equipment, Inspiring healthy communities

Fair Game has established three core health promotion programs which we deliver to identified areas of need.

Each program has a specific focus and is delivered in an interactive and informative manner


Visit their website:


Pacific Islands Projects

Sport Matters | For Everyone. For Life. 

Sport Matters uses the power of sport to change the world.

We believe that everyone should have access and opportunity to participate in sport and physical activity in their community, for life.

In developed countries, most people take for granted the lessons, opportunities and the education that comes from participating in sport. In developing communities where people often have limited access to health care, education and employment, sport can play a significant role in improving quality of life and uniting communities.

Access to sport and physical activity is a fundamental human right. Sport is well recognised internationally as a low-cost and high-impact tool for development and a powerful agent for social change. It is a culturally accepted activity that unites families, communities and nations and brings people together.

Sport Matters is dedicated to making a difference in people's lives using the power of sport as a tool for development in Australia, the Pacific, Asia and Africa. Using a rights-based approach Sport Matters combines sport and play with other non-sport outcomes to achieve specific development goals. These goals might be in the areas of health, education, economic development, disaster, peace and the environment and Sport Matters tailors solutions to meet community needs.

Visit their website:

Every Day Matters Charity Partnerships
Although we are executing our own work to those in need in the Pacific Islands, we’ve realised that business can be an amazing tool to help all of those in need. This is why we have launched the ‘Every Day Matters Charity Partnerships’ with charity organisations worldwide.
We work with many charity organisations in developing strong merchandising strategies, giving them opportunity to raise money through products, and also promote their message to the world.

Some of the non-profit organisations we have worked with to deliver successful campaigns are:
·      National Breast Cancer Foundation
·      UNICEF
·      Camp Quality
·      Muscular Dystrophy Australia
·      Leukaemia Foundation
·      Lymphoma Australia
·      Caritas Australia
Are you a charity organisation in need of a merchandising partner? Talk to one of our team and see how we can help you. We believe in you.

Every Day Matters Event Partnerships
We believe that every person deserves an opportunity to live an active and healthy life. Events are such a great opportunity to get the world into sport in a positive way.
We work with many event organisations in developing strong merchandising strategies, giving them opportunity to raise money through products, and also promote their message to the world.
Some of the Events we have worked with to deliver successful campaigns are:
IRONMAN® Asia Pacific – Official Apparel Sponsor + Official Race Apparel Supplier
-       IRONMAN® 70.3 Sunshine Coast
-       IRONMAN® 70.3 Mandurah
-       IRONMAN® 70.3 Port Macquarie
-       IRONMAN® 70.3 Auckland
-       IRONMAN® Cairns
-       IRONMAN® Japan
Triathlon ACT – Official Sponsor
-       Summer Festivals
-       ONTHEGO® Summer Series
·      Maui Marathon, Hawai’i, USA – Official Merchandise Supplier

Road Cycling
·      Financial Review Corporate Cycling Challenge – Official On Track Apparel Sponsor
·      Hartley Challenge - Official On Track Apparel Supplier
·      Opera2Parliament Ride (Lymphoma Foundation) Official Apparel Sponsor
·      Ride for Suicide Elimination – Official Apparel Supplier
·      Newcastle2Noosa (National Breast Cancer Foundation) – Official Apparel Supporter
Mountain Bike - Official Apparel Sponsor
·      Capital Punishment MTB Race presented by AROC Sport
·      Single-track Minds MTB Series presented by Chocolate Foot
·      Husky100 MTB Marathon presented by iAdventure
·      Scott 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships
·      WEMBO 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships
·      ACT Schools Mountain Bike Championships
Team Sports
·      Australian Mixed Ultimate Frisbee Championships: Official Merchandise Supplier
·      Maxim Tennis Invitational: Official Apparel Supplier
·      Mr. Olympia, Las Vegas, USA – Apparel Supplier EHP Labs
·      Anytime Fitness Australia Conference, Port Douglas – Official Sponsor and Supplier

We believe every person deserves the opportunity to engage sport as a tool for life. We also believe that there is no better way to learn life skills than racing!
We were founded in the sport of cycling and mountain biking, and we’ve continued to grow and thrive in these areas.
ONTHEGO Racing was formed in 2010 when we saw a gap for athletes to develop their individual goals due to constraints amongst not having a team environment, learning how to use sport as a tool for life, constraints due to financial and time. 
We’ve now come a long way, and each year we assist up to 30 athletes in the areas of Mountain Biking and Triathlon.
We’ve realized that through our business, we can offer athletes, whether up & coming or elite, and everyone in between, not just a path way for development, but the ability to work within a team environment in an individual sport.

Our athletes are aged from 13 years old, through to 50 years old. The ability and experience is not our primary focus, it’s the individuals desire to grow and learn that puts them on the forefront of the team.
Our current sponsors and partners for 2014 are:

  • ONTHEGO (Title Sponsor)
  • Merida Bikes
  • On Running Shoes
  • VICI Swimwear
  • Shotz Nutrition
  • Flight Centre Active Travel
  • Adidas Eyewear

Our full website for the team is still in development, but you can follow the team: